Indexing Contest for New Indexers

The Institute Of Certified Indexers (ICI) Is accepting Entries for 

2022 ICI Award for Best New Indexer:

The Purple Pen Award

This indexing contest is specifically for new indexers who have completed an indexing course in the last five years (January 1, 2017 to January 1, 2022).  The indexer needs to submit the following:

Submit electronically to

On subject line put:  ICI New Indexer Contest

1/ Filled out submission form

2/ Index in RTF or Word format -- header to give book title (NOT name of indexer)

3/ Text indexed in PDF or Word format (the format that the index locators refer to) -- name this file to include book title (NOT name of indexer)

Mail entry fee ($50.00 USD) check made payable to Institute of Certified Indexers

to Connie Binder, 332 Compton Ave., Laurel, MD 207070-4345.

If overseas and unable to pay by US check, please use PayPal and the recipient is  Please take care that the PayPal fee does not lower the amount from the full $50.00 USD for the entry fee.

Time for submissions:  Between July 1, 2022 and August 31, 2022 midnight EST.


Award will be made to best index of the submissions.  As long as at least 2 competitors apply, an award will be made.  In other words, it is the intention of ICI to make this award each year to a qualifying new indexer -- the winner is "best in show" for the year.

Judging will be anonymous by a panel of 3 judges from the certified members of the Institute of Certified Indexers.  The judging criteria are the Best Practices posted on the website of the Institute of Certified Indexers:

The winner of ICI Award for Best New Indexer: The Purple Pen Award will receive a prize of $100.00 USD.  The ICI panel of judges will meet with the winner for a one-hour discussion via Zoom to give personalized feedback and provide more information about the field of indexing as well as offer tips for career success. The winner will be posted with a biographical statement on the website of ICI and will be announced on indexing-related listservs.  Other media appropriate announcements will be made about the award winner. The party that commissioned the index originally will be notified.  The indexer will be able to include this prize in her/his qualifications when pursuing indexing jobs.

Chitra Karunanayake Becomes Latest Certified Indexer

The Institute of Certified Indexers is pleased to welcome Chitra Karunanayake to its ranks. Chitra currently works as the Library Manager of Geoff Marel Library, Concord Repatriation General Hospital, Sydney, Australia. She is a part-time indexer and a member of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI).


Find a more complete biography here.

Why Use an ICI-Certified Indexer?

ICI-Certified Indexers have:

  • had their work and experience reviewed by an independent body (ICI)
  • completed and successfully passed a rigorous examination (preparation of a test index on a complex 250- to 300-page text)
  • demonstrated knowledge of and adherence to indexing best practices (PDF).

ICI-Certified Indexers are committed to continuing education and must be recertified every three years.


While certification is not a guarantee that every ICI-Certified Indexer will produce an exemplary index in every circumstance, ICI-Certified Indexers are individuals who are devoted to quality in indexing and strive to meet and exceed client needs at every opportunity.


By using ICI-Certified Indexers, editors, authors, and publishers help ensure that the indexes produced for them will be of the highest possible quality.


Find an ICI-Certified Indexer to meet your needs.

Benefits of Certification


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