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We encourage you to use ICI-Certified Indexers when you need indexing services. ICI-Certified Indexers work on a wide variety of materials, in a broad array of subject areas, and may offer a number of indexing-related services such as embedded indexing, taxonomy design, technical writing, proofreading and project management.

The following individuals have successfully met the stringent qualifications necessary for becoming ICI Certified Indexers.*

ICI-Certified Indexers by Name

ICI-Certified Indexers by Subject Specialty

Business and Economics

Fine and Performing Arts

History and Culture

Languages and Linguistics

Law and Government

Library Science and Publishing

Literature and Critical Analysis

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Medicine and Allied Medical Fields


Political Science and Public Policy


Social Sciences

Technology and Engineering

*As with any business relationship, you should always use proper due diligence when deciding to hire a ICI-Certified Indexer. ICI does not guarantee the work of any indexers.